What are the advantages of LSD Linear Slot Diffusers
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  • Jimmy at
  • November 07, 2022

LSD Linear Slot Diffusers are available for air distribution, return air and building applications. With adjustable vanes and an optional number of slots, means the diffuser will harmonize with most building environments and ensures that it can provide an attractive solution to many air distribution requirements.

LSD Linear Slot Diffusers

 The LSD Linear Slot Diffuser can be used to distribute or suck back air through which the blades can be adjusted. The wind direction and the number of channels can be controlled according to the design choice, so that the airflow distribution pattern is set evenly with the environment, and a variety of airflow distribution patterns can be created. Suitable for all types of built environments.

 LSD Linear Slot Diffuser Frame and blades are constructed of high quality extruded aluminium profiles for corrosion resistance and rigidity. The mandrel is supplied parallel to the long dimension. By deflecting the vanes, the air distribution can be changed vertically or horizontally without changing the air flow. The black blade is fully adjustable from the front opening and can be combined with a single piece by bridge to get any total length endlessly.

 Air Mode for LSD Linear Slot Diffuser It is designed to provide continuous air diffusion with a pleasing aesthetic appearance. With adjustable vanes, the LSD can provide horizontal and vertical air patterns. The LSD windproof mask has a beautiful appearance, the blades can adjust the wind direction, and the wind can be supplied horizontally and vertically.