When and why do ceiling diffusers need maintenance?
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  • November 07, 2022

Ceiling air diffusers are hard workers, and as such, they require regular maintenance to keep them working properly. Ceiling air diffusers require maintenance for several reasons. First, they often get dirty because things like grease, pollen, and dust can stick to them. The accumulation of dust and debris can limit their ability to function properly.

Second, a dirty diffuser doesn't work, which means people who breathe the air are more likely to get sick or unwell. Airborne allergens are more likely to linger if the diffuser is not clean, which can cause more problems for asthmatics during months when pollen counts are high.

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Lastly, dirty Ceiling air diffusers are not a good looking thing at all. While this may not be an issue in some industries, in others, such as the restaurant industry, maintaining your image is critical for repeat customers. No one wants to walk into a restaurant or food court and look up and see a filthy ceiling diffuser - if the dining area isn't clean then what effect does that have on the kitchen!

You should know that if your Ceiling air diffusers get dirty frequently, despite cleaning, then there may be an issue with your air quality and that should be a priority.

There is no real best time to maintain your diffuser - cleaning should be done when needed. For some rooms, this will only be once a year—usually after summer to remove allergens. For others, they may need to clean once or twice a month.

What should you use to clean your diffuser?

It is best to use a non-corrosive, environmentally friendly household cleaner, carefully mixed with hot water following the directions on the bottle. A soft cleaning cloth like Jay Cloth should also be used instead of anything that could damage the diffuser, like a scouring pad. The heat combined with the cleaner will penetrate the grease, and there should be enough rim to remove any grime that is attached to the diffuser.

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Thoroughly mix household cleaner with hot water in a bucket and let the cloth soak.

Before you start cleaning, make sure the water isn't too hot to the touch, and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and keep them from drying out.

Squeeze the cloth so it's damp, not damp, to keep the diffuser from getting too wet and stop dripping.

Clean each blade of the Ceiling air diffusers in turn, gently removing any dirt and rinsing the cloth before moving on to the next one.

Once the entire air diffuser ceiling are clean and you can't see any dust or debris behind the blades, do a quick wipe with a dry cloth to make sure it's dry.