Where is the LS-A Linear Slot Diffuser generally installed?
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  • Jimmy at
  • November 07, 2022

The LS-A Linear slot diffuser are designed for ceiling mounting and are recommended for supplying heating, ventilation, or cooling air and returning or exhausting room air. Air pattern orientation changes through 180° are affected by integral air deflection vanes, allowing pattern adjustments to meet changing requirements.

LS-A Linear Slot Diffuser

When mounted on the ceiling, the LS-A Linear Slot Diffuser provides a horizontal air path, adjustable 180° in each slot opening. One to ten slots can be adjusted to provide one-way or two-way air patterns by directing the air-deflecting vanes to either side as needed. The vertical downward air pattern can be adjusted from all slots. Combining horizontal and vertical down patterns can be achieved with two (or more) slot linear slot diffusers.

The LS-A Linear Slot Diffuser is made of high-quality aluminum profiles with a satin anodized finish. The air-deflecting vanes are painted a dull black to accentuate the slot openings. 2-3 foot long volume dampers are located in each slot and are accessible through slot openings. They can be used to balance flow along a diffuser or to enclose a virtual section of a continuous length internally. The 90° mitered corner section is one piece.