How to use jet diffuser air conditioner outlet to cool down in Qatar World Cup stadium
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  • November 30, 2022

This is the first World Cup in history to be held in the winter in the northern hemisphere and to be precise when Qatar transitions from summer to winter. According to the plan, the World Cup will be held in June and July, but due to Qatar's tropical desert climate, there are only two seasons in a year, winter and summer. In the hottest June, July, and August, the average monthly temperature in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is the highest. It can be above 40℃, so it is the most effective way to cool down by changing to November when the monthly average maximum temperature is 29.5℃ and the minimum temperature is 19.5℃.

The air-conditioning system of Qatar Stadium is full of technology and hard work! Compared with the scorching summer, Qatar in winter is definitely a pleasant climate, but in order to allow players to play in the most comfortable climate, this World Cup has installed an unprecedented "air conditioner" for the stadium. It can be heated but not cooled. This is a common problem for most professional stadiums before. After all, in the European leagues with high latitudes, the geothermal system has become one of the standard configurations of the stadium, but the cooling system dedicated to the stadium is really rare. But since 2010, Dr. Jani, a professor of mechanical engineering at Qatar University, has been designing and installing innovative cooling systems for the World Cup stadium.

Using fluid dynamics studies, Qatar Stadium uses freely oriented jet diffuser air conditioning outlets to check airflow within the stadium, created a sensor system that created a detailed and accurate picture of air movement and temperature changes, and fused insulation with "Targeted cooling" technology, which allows cooling to act on the areas where people actually appear, makes the stadium act like a barrier, creating a thin layer of cooling air around the spectators, like "cold bubbles". Like at the Atumama Stadium, by cooling the air under the seats, the cold air will be closer to the audience and can be recycled and purified in the venue.

jet diffuser

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, in the Al Janub Stadium,  jet diffuser air-conditioning vents can be freely adjusted.