How Vortex Air Diffusers Change the Direction of Airflow Through Vents
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  • November 23, 2022

Vortex air diffuser A versatile diffuser specially designed for applications requiring changing area conditions, by providing a helical airflow of the supply air that reflects optimal conditions (e.g. cooling, isothermal heating requirements).

The projection of the supply air is developed and controlled by adjusting the angle of the helical core inside the outer conical housing.

The relationship between the mounting height and the helical core protrusion is critical to the development of ensuring proper air conditioning in the occupied area.

Projection can be done mechanically or electrically

Vortex air diffusers are capable of handling large volumes of air and are ideal for industrial applications as well as commercial properties requiring high ceiling heights such as atriums, airport terminals, theatres, and shopping centers. The outer conical spinner is made of aluminum with an adjustable helical core, made of galvanized mild steel, and mounted inside the assembly.

Vortex Air Diffusers

The structure of the swirl diffuser adopts the principle of hydrodynamics for the blade design, in this way, the blade pushes the airflow through the swirl at a certain initial speed to achieve a larger throwing distance, larger jet coverage space, and more efficient airflow. convection

Flow is affected

The swirl vent can be used in constant or variable air volume air conditioning systems with excellent performance characteristics when the airflow is reduced from 100% to 25%. The noise level is very low.

The blades can change their quadrant angles to suit different conditions blowing horizontal, inclined, and vertical rotational flow.