Why Should a ceiling diffuser install a damper?
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  • November 09, 2022
A ceiling diffuser is a vent cover installed above a ceiling vent that directs air from an air conditioning system into a room. The role is to supply conditioned air into the space. After the air is processed through the heating and cooling system, it is pooled through the ductwork until it reaches the ceiling diffuser.


There are many different types of ceiling diffusers, they include square diffusers, round diffusers, linear diffusers, trough diffusers, and vortex diffusers. To supply air, the ceiling diffuser needs a damper. Dampers reduce the speed of the air as it flows through. As the air flows through the air diffuser, it slows down, increasing the pressure inside the diffuser.


A damper is a flow control device located behind an air diffuser or grill whose function is to control the amount of air flowing through the HVAC system. Not only does it regulate the speed of air through the diffuser to maintain the proper amount of air supply. Also helps control airflow direction. You can move its shutter blades in different directions.


Air diffusers and grilles come in different types of dampers, they include square or rectangular opposed-blade dampers, butterfly dampers, and vortex dampers. It is available in aluminum, plastic, and metal materials. Square diffusers and ceiling grilles feature aluminum opposing vane volume controls, and round diffusers feature plastic or metal butterfly dampers.


A circular butterfly damper provides airflow adjustment at the diffuser neck. The volume control blades move in opposite directions at the same time to provide superior metering and control with minimal disturbance to the air pattern.

ceiling diffuser  damper

Why Should install a ceiling diffuser  damper? It is very easy to install dampers on diffusers, for square diffusers and ceiling grilles we usually place a clip on both frames or on each frame. To use, simply place the damper directly on the diffuser. Or you can use a rivet driver, place the damper behind the diffuser, and rivet the damper's frame as well. Regarding the installation of the circular diffuser damper, there is usually a plastic nut, we will use rivets to fix the plastic nut on the axle frame, and we use screws to fix the other side of the plastic nut. Butterfly dampers sit strictly on the back of the circular diffuser. The central air diffuser with a removable core enables the butterfly damper to maintain even pressure on both sides of the damper blades.

Installation of the HVAC diffuser is also easy. For square ceiling diffusers, we can provide quick-install mounting clips, you just put the diffuser into the holes in the ceiling and the clips will be fastened to the ceiling. For the round diffuser, we will provide you with a bracket, you need to put it on the ceiling first, then use the screws to fix the round diffuser to install.

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