Various aluminum alloy HVAC air diffuser
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  • November 07, 2022

HVAC air diffusers should be customized to the size of the opening. In order to facilitate installation, the actual inner diameter (length and width) of the HVAC air diffuser will be slightly smaller than the net opening size by 0.5-1.0 cm.

Louvered HVAC air diffusers are widely used as air supply vents in air conditioning systems. According to the requirements of use, an aluminum air volume regulating valve (mitered gate) can be installed behind the HVAC diffuser. The double-louvered HVAC diffuser has two layers of mutually perpendicular sheets, which can adjust the angle of the horizontal and vertical blades, and adjust the air diffusion surface to change the range. HVAC diffusers are available in wide and narrow frame widths. Manufacturers may use double-louver HVAC diffusers in ventilation systems with special requirements. The double-layer louver HVAC diffuser has two layers of movable blades with adjustable angles. The short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the supply air and also change the direction of the airflow the adjustment of the long blades can make the supply airflow stick to the ceiling Tilt up or down at a certain angle (when supplying warm air). The outer blade of the double-layer shutter or the blade of the single-layer shutter can be parallel to the long side or the short side, which can be selected according to customer requirements.

Aluminum alloy HVAC air diffuser: easy to condense and relatively inexpensive.

Installation is also a very important part of the air outlet of the air conditioner. Generally speaking, the air outlet should be installed in advance, that is before the upper cover is installed. In this way, even if the wall is not damaged, there must be some clearance between the shutter and the wall. After the air outlet is installed and painted, you can fill in the gap inside, and you are done.

HVAC air diffuser

Air conditioning outlet installation precautions

1. Do not set the light trough at the air outlet of the air conditioner. It is easy to block the hot air from reaching the personnel activity area and affect the heating effect.

2. According to experience and test data, when heating in winter, it is a more appropriate angle to adjust the horizontal blinds to 45 degrees. Too high or too low will affect the heating effect.

3. The air outlet of the air conditioner is large, which is easy to accumulate dirt, which affects the temperature and appearance of the air outlet of the air conditioner. Users should regularly clean the air outlet to keep it clean and ventilated.

The air outlet of the air conditioner is simply the terminal equipment used for air supply and return air in the central air conditioning system, that is, the air supply equipment. The air supply port sends the cooled or heated air into the room, and the return airport absorbs the dirty air in the room to form a complete air circulation, which ensures cool and comfortable indoor air while ensuring the indoor heating and cooling effect.

The air outlet of the air conditioner is mainly divided into the return air outlet, the air supply outlet, the maintenance outlet, and the outer wall air outlet.

For heating and cooling air conditioning systems, they can be installed on the side wall or ceiling.

The vertical louver-type air outlet is equipped with a positive-pressure air-conditioning room to automatically exhaust air. Under normal circumstances, the louvers of the air outlet will sag naturally due to their own weight to isolate the indoor and outdoor air exchange. When the indoor air pressure is greater than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow will blow the shutters open and discharge them out. Conversely, when the indoor air pressure is lower than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow cannot enter the room in reverse, and the air outlet has a one-way check function.

Production process: generally used for return air outlet, often used with filter screen as a return air outlet. It can also be equipped with a multi-leaf diverter control valve to control the air volume. The angle of the blinds can be adjusted from 0 to 90°. It can be divided into two types: FK-2 and FK-20. The difference is the size of the outer frame and blade. The FK-2 has a wide frame and wide blade, everything else is the same. FK-2a type or FK-20a type movable core single-layer shutter is a movable core type, which is convenient for cleaning the filter screen and can also be used as an access door. Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance

The profiled louver outlet is an air distributor. In air conditioning engineering, various types of air supply and return (or exhaust) are collectively referred to as air distributors. Common louvered HVAC diffusers include single-louvered HVAC diffusers, double-louvered HVAC diffusers, sidewall grilled HVAC diffusers, and trough grilled HVAC air diffusers. Air conditioner diffuser.